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We utilize Sass for a modular and customizable architecture. We follow the standard Import only the components you need, enable global options like gradients and shadows, and write your own CSS with our variables, maps, functions, and mixins.

Our Responsibilities

  • Figma/PSD design to HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Conversion.
  • W3C Valid HTML & CSS3 (SASS, SCSS)
  • Bootstrap 5, Tailwind CSS 3 & Materialize CSS
  • Custom Modifications In Bootstrap based themes and CMS
  • Bootstrap Speed Optimisation.
  • Custom component UI design and conversion
  • Experience developing Responsive/Adaptive Design solutions (RWD), with or without
  • Bootstrap/foundation libraries.
  • Behavior changes, as well as creation of functions to make the frontend function correctly.
  • Working applying SASS, LESS, or other CSS preprocessors.
  • Working with grid layouts, media queries, and other responsive techniques
  • Ability to create, clean, organize HTML and CSS code, leverage current techniques, tools and libraries.
  • Working with cross-functional team, and product teams to create a multi-brand design system and component based architecture for multiple platforms and products.
  • Help create and maintain a component based UI library for use across multiple platforms.
  • Creating customer facing applications across multiple brands and products.
  • Create application UIs for internal tooling to aid various departments and operations.
  • Proficiency in WordPress, raw HTML with Bootstrap templates, and MySQL
  • Strong skills in Photoshop for image editing, graphics manipulation, and web design
  • Strong sense of web design and ability to create visually attractive websites
  • Experience working with ThemeForest templates
  • Knowledge of PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery
  • Familiarity with SEO best practices
  • Strong communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills

We look forward to making long-term relationships with our clients. Please contact us if you have any open job for a Twitter Bootstrap Developer.