Cold Email & Deliverability Expert

We are experts in managing B2B email marketing campaigns and have extensive experience in cold email outreach, email campaign setup, email deliverability, email marketing strategy, and lead generation.

As a cold email and deliverability expert, we will be responsible for developing and executing effective email marketing campaigns that generate MQLs. We will also be responsible for managing our email lists, ensuring email deliverability, and optimizing our email marketing strategy to improve engagement rates.

Our Responsibilities

  • Set up and manage daily cold email campaigns to multiple client lists
  • Ensure high deliverability rates, inbox placement and low bounce rates
  • Develop and execute effective cold email marketing strategies to increase engagement and conversions
  • Monitor domain and IP health, email sender reputation and inbox placement
  • Monitor email performance and optimize campaigns for improved results
  • Manage and update DNS records
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest cold email marketing trends and best practices
  • Proven experience in deliverability fundamentals
  • Deep understanding of cold email marketing best practices and deliverability metrics
  • Deep understanding of Internet Protocol
  • Deep understanding of  SPF, DKIM, DMARC & BIMI records
  • Comfortable monitoring and managing DMARC Policies
  • Comfortable with Dedicated IPs, rDNS and HELO to IP
  • Extremely proficient with both Google Workspace and Outlook Business ESPs
  • Ability to develop and execute effective cold email marketing strategies

Please visit our past completed projects that demonstrate your expertise in these areas.